Get to know our places

We are located in Sweden, Norway and Korea

Our production units are strategically located in locations with good access to raw materials, i.e. organic waste or residual products from households, agriculture or the food industry. Biokraft currently has operations in Sweden, Norway and Korea. The head office is in central Stockholm, and our lab and development department is in Linköping.

Our ambitious growth plan means that the number of production facilities will increase significantly within ten years, and we have already started establishing Business Area Germany to establish a bridgehead on the attractive German market. Please read more about our operations in each country.

Together we create Biokraft

Our company consists of many professions that require different skills. Together we create Biokraft, and all employees' contributions are equally essential for us to meet our short- and long-term goals.

The health and safety of our employees is always our highest priority. In addition, we are keen to train and develop the skills of our employees continuously. This is important for the company's progress and for the individual employee to thrive and grow within the group.

82 SBG People