Biofertiliser – a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to artificial manure

Contributes to increased vegetation and better moisture retention

Biofertiliser increases crop yield while making agriculture and food production more sustainable. Biofertiliser replaces or complements synthetic fertilisers. In addition to essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, biofertiliser possesses soil-improving properties and is suitable for spreading on clay-rich and light soils. Its nutrient content and structures contribute to enhanced plant growth and moisture retention.


Non-toxic and nutrient-rich biofertiliser.

We offer three biofertiliser products, all certified according to SPCR-120. The certification ensures that decomposed materials are clean, source-separated, and biologically easy to break down. They should also originate from the food and/or fodder chain.


Safe deliveries and stable prices 

Biofertiliser reduces the agricultural reliance on imported mineral fertilisers, and with long-term delivery contracts, farmers can secure access to biofertiliser at stable prices unaffected by volatile global market prices.

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24-26% DS (dry substance content)

Delivered in containers.

Biohumus is dewatered digestate from biogas production. The humus is nutrient-rich and suitable for replacing peat, for example, as a substrate in greenhouse production.

Currently, peat is used for cultivating potted plants and container-grown vegetables. Peat is harvested from natural peat bogs, which affects delicate ecosystems and leads to greenhouse gas emissions. By replacing peat with biohumus, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.


Contents Biohumus (Swedish)

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DS 16-18%

Biospets is a pumpable vaporizer concentrate with a high nitrogen content. Biospets can be advantageously used to increase nitrogen concentration in manure pits.

It is delivered by tanker truck.


Contents (Swedish)

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Liquid bio manure

DS 3-4%

Our liquid biofertiliser can be used the same way as liquid fertiliser but with a better nutritional composition.

It is delivered by tanker truck.


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