Information about Biokraft's whistleblower channel

At Biokraft, we work actively to create a safe and secure environment for everyone who comes into contact with us, regardless of whether you are an employee, job seeker, consultant or supplier. The earlier any irregularities or misconduct are detected, the better the chances of preventing the risks and limiting the damage. Biokraft's employees have a key role in identifying any irregularities in our operations. It is therefore the responsibility of all employees to raise the alarm about serious irregularities or suspicions that they are taking place. The whistleblower channel offers employees and other persons an opportunity to report suspicions of violations of the law, Biokraft's Code of Conduct or other serious irregularities or misconduct within Biokraft.

What can I report?

Serious irregularities or misconduct which constitute a breach of the law or those whose disclosure is in the public interest. It may also be a violation of our Code of Conduct. Reporting shall only relate to irregularities committed by persons at Biokraft within the framework of our operations, i.e. events of a purely private nature or that occur within another organization shall not be reported to Biokraft. You should also not blow the whistle on things that concern your own employment or personal relationships with colleagues. Such issues should instead be raised with your immediate manager.

How can I report?

  • Reporting from employees is primarily done to the immediate manager or HR.
  • The whistleblower channel should be able to be used in cases where it does not help to report to the immediate manager or HR, but also in other cases, for example if the information reported is not appropriate to report on internally. 
  • Reporting in the whistleblower channel can be done openly or anonymously.
  • You can access the tool by clicking on the link "Report here".

What happens to my report?

The report is received by Biokraft's internal whistleblower panel. All messages in the reporting channel are handled confidentially. If you report, you will receive a confirmation when the report has been received. If you have chosen to provide contact information, we may also contact you for confirmation and follow-up questions. However, this does not apply if you have waived the right to receive a confirmation or if we have reason to believe that confirmation would reveal your identity. All personal data is processed in accordance with the GDPR.