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Production in Sweden, Norway and Korea

Biokraft's business areas are responsible for the production and delivery of biogas and biofertilisers

We focus on locally anchored production facilities

Biokraft has business areas in Sweden, Norway, Germany and South Korea. The German business area was established recently to evaluate and establish various construction projects.

Local anchoring of business areas is crucial for complying with local laws and regulations and securing long-term access to local substrates. Transporting substrates with a high gas potential over long distances can sometimes be worthwhile.

Business Area Sweden

Business area Sweden has three production units in the Stockholm area: Södertörn, Henriksdal and Bromma.

Short facts

Number of employees: 41

Production capacity: 230 GWh

Compressed biogas and Bio-LNG

Södertörn: Food waste, agricultural waste, manure 
Bromma and Henriksdal: wastewater sludge



Business Area Norway

In Norway, Biokraft operates a large-scale biogas plant in Skogn, located outside Trondheim. Business Area Norway is responsible for one of Europe's largest liquid biogas production facilities.

Short facts

Number of employees: 18

Production capacity: 155 GWh

Products: Bio-LNG

Skogn: Water from fish farming, fish manure and process water from Norske Skog

Business Area Korea

At the Yongyun facility in the industrial city of Ulsan, Korea, Biokraft has kept the old brand name Scandinavian Biogas and handles food waste from over one million residents.

Short facts

Number of employees: 20

Production capacity: 60 GWh

Compressed biogas

Collected food waste and municipal sewage sludge.

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