Biokraft enables transformation into sustainable transport and food production

Biokraft investment case


Sustainable and circular products

Biokraft offers circular and sustainable products supporting a green transformation of food production, land-based heavy transport, shipping and other industrial energy use.

Market driven by strong secular trends

Biokraft is well-positioned in an attractive growth market. Demand is set for accelerated growth driven by global secular trends and a European paradigm shift in their attitude regarding renewable and locally produced biogas.

Unique and leading competence

Biokraft has pioneered and successfully developed HOLD Technology™, an advanced process technology used to optimize large-scale biogas production. The method is one of the most effective in the world.

Balanced order book for in- and off-take

Biokraft has a strong order book with a balanced portfolio of long-term supply and off-take contracts. Biokraft foresee improving profitability as the contract portfolio is renewed and aligned to market conditions.

Attractive pipeline

An attractive pipeline of growth projects and a clear long-term growth potential

Strong leadership

Committed and experienced leadership supported by a strong board and owners