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We enable a transition into renewable energy

Sustainability is at the core of our business.

Biokraft was founded to contribute to a sustainable transition from fossil to renewable energy. By recycling organic waste products, we work towards our purpose of a sustainable world that produces bioenergy and nutrients in a cycle. We also contribute to a more sustainable society with increased self-sufficiency in energy and food.

Our goal is to increase the production of biogas and biogas digestate and generate higher returns that are reinvested in multiple sustainable solutions while developing and improving other dimensions of sustainability in our operations.

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Three overarching goals

  1. We will work for a fossil-free, circular and sustainable society through investments, innovation and growth in the biogas area. One of the company's strategic goals is to increase biogas deliveries by 20-30% annually.
  2. Efficient and responsible operations:
    - Continuously reduce the business's negative environmental impact and produce renewable products with high environmental performance and resource efficiency.

    - Be a responsible and transparent partner and manage the business in a trustworthy fashion.

  3. Be an attractive employer that creates the conditions for a safe and secure workplace with committed employees.

Products for a sustainable society

Biokraft creates circular flows and sustainable products from organic waste. Renewable and locally produced biogas replaces fossil fuels. Through the biogas digestate, nutrients from organic waste are returned to agricultural food production, whose residues can be digested back into biogas and bio-fertilisers again.


Investments in renewable energy

To ensure a sustainable growth, our operations need to provide long-term returns rather than short-term profits. We invest in our operations and build sustainable energy systems, where biogas plays a key role. Investments in existing and future biogas plants secure energy production for the future while also fostering local community development. 
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Efficient and responsible operations

Our core business is the production of biogas that is upgraded to compressed gas or Bio-LNG. The ambition is to support a sustainable, fossil-free future  by expanding production capacity at existing plants and building new plants with a clear focus on Bio-LNG.
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Bio-fertiliser contributes to sustainable agriculture

In 2022, 41,341 tons of bio-fertilizer were produced, which can replace fossil-based synthetic fertilizers and provide nutrients and soil-improving organic matter to agriculture. The production of bio-fertilizer in the Swedish and Norwegian facilities contributes to the self-sufficiency of the domestic farming sector. Extensive efforts are underway to increase the dry matter content of the bio-fertilizer, aiming to reduce transportation and enhance profitability.

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Committed employees

Biokraft´s employees are crucial to our development. With our guiding principles: respect, knowledge, joy, and passion, we aim to foster both leadership and employee growth. A safe and inclusive work environment is fundamental to engaged and satisfied employees. Therefore, we provide ongoing training and individual competency development opportunities.

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Collaboration and advocacy work

Secure and strategic partnerships throughout the value chain, with suppliers and customers are essential for sustainable growth. Our facilities are located adjacent to several of our partners' operations and residential areas.

Through membership in Energigas Sverige, Avfall Sverige, and Biogas Öst, we engage in advocacy work with politicians, media, and authorities to promote long-term regulations for biogas. Biokraft has, among other things, contributed to the Proposal for National Biogas Strategy and regularly participated in opinion articles.

Biokraft contributes to six of the global sustainability goals outlined in Agenda 2030, which are based on the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, the social, and the environmental.

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Scandinavian Biogas actively contributes to the global sustainability goals

Agenda 2030 - the UN's agenda for sustainable development with 17 global sustainability goals - is based on the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social, and environmental. According to a study by the Biogas Research Center, global biogas production contributes directly or indirectly to all global sustainability goals. The industry organization Energigas Sverige argues that biogas and biogas fertilizers reduce dependence on imported natural gas and chemical fertilizers, leading to energy and food supply security. It also contributes to local employment and new business opportunities. There is a direct connection between Biokrafts's core business and six global goals.

7. Sustainable energy for all

Significantly increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

To achieve this development goal, Scandinavian Biogas invests in and produces biogas, which replaces fossil fuels. Our biogas contributes to over 90 percent emissions reduction compared to fossil fuels, and the raw materials used do not destroy areas of high biological value.

8. Decent working conditions and economics growth

Protect workers' rights and promote a safe and secure working environment.

Creating conditions for a safe and secure working environment through systematic work environment efforts and empathetic leadership are high-priority issues for Biokraft.

9. Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure

Adapt industries to make them more sustainable and improve resource efficiency.

One of the group's focus areas is to constantly increase resource efficiency in the production facilities. We also continuously work on replacing older technology with cleaner and more efficient alternatives.

11. Sustainable cities and communities

Reduce cities' environmental impact per person. The goal is to pay particular attention to air quality and waste management.

We provide an alternative to waste incineration by offering biological treatment of organic waste, where energy and nutrients are recovered. When biogas is used as fuel, it significantly improves air quality in cities by reducing levels of nitrogen oxides and harmful particles emitted compared to the combustion of other fuels. Additionally, vehicle noise is reduced when running on biogas.

12. Sustainable consumption and production

To responsibly recycle waste.

Scandinavian Biogas views organic waste as a resource. In 2022, the group recycled 861,628 tons of organic waste and by-products, delivered 328 GWh of biogas to the community, and returned 41,341 tons of bio-fertiliser to agriculture. Operating the biogas plants responsibly is an integral part of our sustainability efforts. Our focus lies on optimizing materials, energy, and water, as well as preventing emissions to air, water, and soil.

13. Combat climate change

Take immediate action to combat climate change and its consequences.

Scandinavian Biogas produces renewable products in the form of biogas and bio-fertilizer, enabling businesses and consumers to transition from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives.

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Tina Blix

Group Head of Sustainability


Håvard Wollan

VP Business Area Norway & Markets