Biogas - a 100% sustainable alternative

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to over 100 percent compared to fossil fuels

Biogas is climate-friendly

Are you concerned about the high carbon footprint of your transportation? Then biogas can be an alternative. The majority of businesses can reduce their environmental impact by replacing fossil fuels with biogas. A biogas-powered truck reduces its carbon footprint by 100 percent, while also contributing to a circular and sustainable food production when bio-fertiliser replaces energy-exhaustive mineral fertilisers.

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Bio-fertiliser – a sustainable alternative to artificial manure

Bio-fertiliser increases crop yields while making agriculture and food production more sustainable. Bio-fertiliser replaces or supplements synthetic fertilisers. In addition to providing essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, bio-fertiliser has soil-improving properties.

Bio-fertiliser reduces the agricultural dependency on imported mineral fertilisers, and with long-term supply agreements, farmers can secure access to bio-fertiliser at stable prices without being affected by volatile global market prices.

We offer three bio-fertiliser products, all of which are certified according to SPCR-120. This certification ensures that the materials processed are clean, recycled, sorted and biologically easy to break down. 

Recycling of organic waste and residual products

We care for your organic waste and transform it into biogas and bio-fertiliser. Letting your waste decompose to bio-fertiliser will decrease your methane emissions and enable fossil-accessible transports.

We produce biogas from food waste and sewage sludge in separate facilities. Materials used in the biogas process and intended for return to agriculture must be clean, source-separated, and biologically biodegradable, and they must originate from the food and fodder chain.

For farmers, there is an opportunity to lend out the manure for anaerobic digestion and, in return, receive high-quality bio-fertiliser.


Enhance your gas yield with Biokraft Hold Technology

One of Biokraft's key success concepts is their proprietary HOLD Technology™, an advanced process technology used to optimize large-scale biogas production. This process is one of the most efficient in the world and has been implemented in all of the company's biogas plants. The first plant to adopt HOLD Technology™ was located in Ulsan, Korea, where production efficiency has tripled to quintupled since the company took over in 2007. HOLD stands for High Organic Load Digestion.

The resulting products, biogas and bio-fertiliser, are then refined and transported to users, while any byproducts are managed to ensure a closed-loop cycle.

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