The biogas market in Europe is set to grow tenfold by 2030

The EU's requirements for green transition are driving the demand for biogas

The demand for biogas is driven by the EU's requirements for green transition in heavy transport, shipping, and industry. Biogas leads to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased self-sufficiency in renewable energy in Europe.


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Greatest potential in heavy transport

Biogas is produced for a wide range of applications, and the availability is influenced by different market conditions such as infrastructure and access to substrates. The largest growth potential in Northern Europe lies in the use of biogas as fuel for heavy transport, maritime shipping, and industrial processes. In Korea, it is more common for biogas to be used for industrial heat and electricity generation.

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Organic waste and by-products are our raw materials 

The raw material for biogas production is called substrate, and it primarily consists of food waste, sewage sludge, silage, and manure. Different types of organic materials are mixed to maximize the gas yield through anaerobic digestion, where the raw material is broken down by microorganisms in an oxygen-free environment. The substrate market is in an early development phase, and the competition for ethically approved substrates is intensifying.

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Matti Vikkula

CEO and President