Why Biokraft?

Our purpose

We aim to work for a sustainable world that produces bioenergy and plant nutrition in a circular cycle. We have three overarching goals that frame our sustainability work and clarify our impact on society, people and the environment.

  • Promote a fossil-free and circular society
  • Ensure efficient and responsible operation
  • Be an attractive employer.

Safety and health

Our workplaces must be safe and secure for everyone, and we continuously develop our processes, carry out training and offer benefits and skills development. A good working environment is central to us being a responsible and attractive employer.


Empathetic leadership

Empathetic leadership creates community, promotes success in daily work, and understands that people's differences contribute to the organization's development. We want to develop our business to become the best workplace in the industry so that we retain our employees and can recruit more as our business grows.

32 SBG People