Our journey

Biokraft was founded in 2005 to contribute to a more sustainable society through the production of circular bioenergy and plant nutrition

We have been listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market since December 2020 as one of the few companies receiving the assessment: 100 percent Dark Green by Cicero Shades of Green AS.



Scandinavian Biogas change name to Biokraft.


The EU Parliament decides that biogas production must increase sharply by 2030. Biokraft signs a multi-year supply agreement with Alternoil for liquid biogas equivalent to 1 TWh to the German market. Scandinavian Biogas communicates ambition to reach a production capacity of 3 TWh by 2030. A private placement of SEK 326 million opened for investment decisions in Mönsterås. The facility in Södertörn was ISCC-certified.


Scandinavian Biogas decides on investment in the expansion of liquefaction capacity in Skogn and Södertörn. As part of financing the investments in expanded capacity, the company issues a dark green bond of SEK 700 million and obtains a credit facility of SEK 300 million.



The 16th of December marks the first trading day for Scandinavian Biogas on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market Stockholm. Other significant events include the complete acquisition of Biokraft (NO) and Ekdalens Biotransporter (SE).


The company confirms liquid biogas (LBG) as one of the strategic development areas. The company has signed a long-term LBG supply agreement with Hurtigruten AS, one of the major Norwegian coastal ferry and cruise ship operators.

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The commissioning of the biogas plant in Skogn, Norway, near Trondheim, began in June. The facility is the world's largest for the production of liquid biogas fuel (LBG). Former Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, attended the official inauguration in September.


Scandinavian Biogas made a decision to invest in the biogas project in Norway and acquired a majority of the shares in Biokraft Holding AS. The expansion of Henriksdal was commissioned. Scandinavian Biogas issued a corporate bond, which was later listed on NASDAQ Stockholm. The first day of trading was April 8th.


On October 2nd, former Chairman of the Board Göran Persson and former Swedish Minister of Energy Ibrahim Baylan inaugurated the Södertörn biogas plant by Scandinavian Biogas. This marks the establishment of the first industrial biogas facility for food waste in Stockholm County, serving the region's population of over two million residents.


In the first days of March, Scandinavian Biogas signed a collaboration agreement with SRV Återvinning AB to construct a brand new biogas plant at Gladö Kvarn, Södertörn. The aim is to process food waste from five municipalities south of Stockholm and convert it into high-quality biogas for use as a vehicle fuel. This project will contribute to increasing the availability of renewable fuels in the region.

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Following extensive process improvements, both digester tanks in the biogas plant in Ulsan, South Korea, have been commissioned. In August, Scandinavian Biogas acquired Stockholm Vatten's facilities for upgrading raw biogas in Bromma and Henriksdal, with the goal of increasing biogas production for the Stockholm market, which is in high demand for gas.


Former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson replaces Erik Danielsson as Chairman of the Board in Scandinavian Biogas. Erik Danielsson is appointed as the honorary chairman of the company.

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The shareholders of Scandinavian Biogas Fuels acquire the majority stake in UltraSonus, and Scandinavian Biogas Fuels becomes a subsidiary of UltraSonus. At the same time, UltraSonus changes its name to Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International.


Scandinavian Biogas is awarded the contract to increase the capacity for anaerobic digestion of food waste in the South Korean city of Ulsan. The food waste, which has previously been dumped in the sea, will now be treated through this collaboration. The partnership includes a concession agreement with a duration of 15 years.



The company that would later be named Scandinavian Biogas was founded by Erik Danielsson, Jörgen Ejlertsson, and Ola Ödmark. These visionary pioneers were unaware at the time of the financial crises and technical challenges they would face, nor did they anticipate that the company would eventually become one of Sweden's leading suppliers of biogas.


UltraSonus, founded by Erik Danielsson with headquarters in Öregrund in 1996, initiates tests on how ultrasound can accelerate the anaerobic digestion process in biogas production, in collaboration with Tekniska Verken in Linköping. The experiments are led by Jörgen Ejlertsson, the Chief Development Officer of Tekniska Verken, and Ola Ödmark, the CEO of UltraSonus.