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Driving change with liquid biogas

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100% sustainable products and services

Industries that can become more sustainable using biogas

Industries providing us with organic waste and organic residues

We aim to reach a production capacity of at least 3 TWh by 2030

Biokraft is one of the Nordics largest biogas producers and contributes to a sustainable transition from fossil to renewable energy. The group sells and produces liquid or compressed biogas mainly used in heavy transport and shipping.



Biokraft as an investment

Biopower contributes to a fossil-free society by recycling local organic waste converted into renewable biogas and biofertilizer.

Biokraft aims to lead the development of large-scale production and sales of biogas and biofertilizer. CEO Matti Vikkula expects biogas to become increasingly crucial for haulage companies and heavy transport, and how it is predicted that a quarter of the heavy trucks in Europe in 2030 will run on liquid biogas.