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Liquid biogas for sustainable transports

Make your value chain more sustainable and reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by up to 95 percent by switching to liquid biogas for your heavy transportation.


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Liquid biogas could contribute to fossil-free shipping

Maritime transport is well suited for liquid biogas. It is energy-rich, providing more range per volume unit. However, the shipping industry has been hesitant due to the significantly higher cost of liquid biogas compared to fossil alternatives. The hope is that the EU's and Sweden's decisions to support increased biogas production in Europe will increase availability and lower the price of liquid biogas.

According to Karl Jivén, project manager at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, the cost differences could more or less be leveled out if the maritime industry was included in the EU's emission trading system.

Biokraft 656Px

Liquid biogas for sustainable production

Many industries could become more sustainable and reduce their net carbon dioxide emissions by up to 95 percent compared to fossil fuels.

In addition to reduced emissions, biogas also provides a cleaner working environment and potentially lower costs due to its higher efficiency compared to oil.