Topping-out ceremony in Mönsterås



In Mönsterås, we are building one of Sweden's most modern biogas plants in collaboration with local farmers. On 23 November, we hosted a traditional topping-out ceremony to celebrate the erection of the first buildings and the achievement of important milestones in the project. The highlight of the celebration was the unveiling of the founders’ stone, on which the name of each co-owner is engraved. The founders’ stone is a symbol of our joint business and dedication to a sustainable future.


The biogas plant in Mönsterås is based on close collaboration between Biokraft and the farmers in the area. By using manure as a feedstock, a sustainable cycle is created that not only supports our plant – but also enables farmers to develop their operations.



The plant is designed to convert manure from beef, pig, chicken and egg production in the area into liquefied biogas (Bio-LNG) as well as various forms of processed biofertilizer. With an annual production of 125 GWh of biogas and approximately 250,000 tonnes of high-grade biofertilizer, we are committed to meeting the needs of large filling station companies, industrial players, shipping and European energy companies. In 2021, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leap granted the project SEK 154 million in investment support, which has made the project a prominent effort to reduce emissions and promote sustainability. Read more about our upcoming projects here