Scandinavian Biogas becomes Biokraft


Scandinavian Biogas is a leading biogas producer with facilities in Sweden, Norway and Korea. Ahead of upcoming northern European expansion with a focus on liquefied biogas, the group has decided to change its brand and logo to Biokraft. – I am very proud of our new brand BIOKRAFT. It is strong and clear. It conveys the essence of our offer, verbally and visually. The logo also playfully communicates in a playful way the circularity of our business model. Biokraft comes from our Norwegian subsidiary, one of the world's largest producers of liquid biogas today, says Matti Vikkula, CEO of Biokraft International AB. The EU has singled out upgraded biogas as the gas-energy source of the future and significantly increased the production targets. The critical infrastructure and the technology for production and use are in place. In addition, there is also an extensive network of filling stations in Northern Europe. – We expect the demand for liquid biogas to grow strongly, and our ambition is to take a leading position and greatly increase our production capacity. We run about ten projects with the aim of building several production facilities in Northern Europe, says Matti Vikkula. Biokraft is a Nordic Greentech company that produces bioenergy and plant nutrition in a circular cycle by recycling organic waste and residual products in large-scale biorefineries. For more information go to and find out more about how we will grow as a company by using our unique competence in biogas production to build up an efficient biogas production where the digestate is returned to agriculture as biofertilizer. – We strive to build local collaborations with farmers and locals, which so far has been received very positively in Sweden, says Matti Vikkula. Formally, following a decision at the 2023 Annual General Meeting, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International has changed its name to Biokraft International AB. The organization number, ISIN code and the stock ticker BIOGAS remain the same. The name change was registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office in June 2023.