Expanded production capacity

In order to reach a production capacity of at least 3 TWh by the year 2030, Biokraft must increase the capacity in existing facilities, build new facilities and develop strategic collaborations and/or carry out acquisitions. The investment cost to expand annual production capacity by 1 GWh is approximately SEK 4-6 million. The need for investment is thus significant and each Investment Decision is preceded by a structured process of 12-18 months to ensure access to substrate, financing and technical solutions. Continuous further development of the own HOLD Technology is expected to be able to contribute with increased capacity in both existing and additional facilities. 

Standardized facilities

We intend to create standardized production facilities to increase economies of scale in both the construction and production phases. The availability of sludge and sorted household waste is limited, while the availability of agricultural-based sustainable substrates is assessed as good. Biokraft is therefore currently focusing primarily on establishing agricultural-based facilities with an annual production of at least 120 GWh for liquefied biogas. Smaller plants are also interesting in terms of CBG production that can be connected directly to the gas network.

Biokraft has a portfolio of potential growth projects in various stages.

Develop HOLD Technology™ and the company's unique competence

Biokraft is well positioned to meet the sharply increasing demand for renewable energy and circular energy management. Biokraft HOLD Technology™ forms the basis of the company's operations. With HOLD Technology™, a stable process is obtained that can handle very high loads, which in turn provides optimal production.

The technology has been developed for over fifteen years, where we alternated research with practical experience from large-scale biogas production. The collaboration between theory and practice has resulted in a unique and world-leading knowledge of how biogas plants should be designed and operated in the best way. HOLD Technology™ is continuously developed, among other things, through the important work of identifying and testing new substrates, which lack other more suitable areas of use, for recycling.

In total, over 400 organic materials have been evaluated, which for example means that we can recycle manure in an efficient way today. A knowledge that we sell to other producers.

Increase the proportion of liquid certified biogas

Liquid biogas enables longer transports of biogas to either replace liquid fossil gas in already established Nordic and European infrastructure or to be injected into traditional gas networks. Liquid biogas thus opens up sales to the European gas market.

We also invest where it is possible to produce ISCC-certified biogas, which in addition to providing a more sustainable society and improves the profitability of the business.

Collaborate for faster growth

Collaborations with academia and companies are a very important success factor and the ambition is to increase the number of long-term and strategic partnerships along the entire value chain with mainly customers, suppliers of substrates, distributors of biogas and biofertilizers. We also seek to establish partnerships with farmers who have a surplus of sustainable substrates, i.e. primarily farms that raise animals or produce milk and eggs. In these partnerships, of which Mönsterås is a good example, a circular cycle is achieved where manure is converted into liquid biogas and where the residual products become biofertilizer and soil improvement that are returned to local farmers.

All cooperation and growth projects are evaluated in accordance with HOLD Technology™, which shows the projects' profitability and size potential. Long-term partnerships often begin with a collaboration where the possibility of recycling untested substrates is evaluated. In other cases, it may be about Biokraft becoming a long-term expansion and operating partner of external parties' biogas facilities.