Beware of scams and false offers of employment

There have been instances of fraudsters posing as recruiters for Biokraft or HR representatives. People have been offered fake jobs with Biokraft. We take this seriously and would urge caution. By drawing attention to this, we hope to avoid anyone falling victim to the scam. 

The fraudster may pretend to be from Biokraft USA, a business area that does not exist, but also only Biokraft has occurred. This is a scam attempt where they can try to access personal information, account information, and other sensitive data. The messages can come by email, as a text message or chat.

What do real offers from Biokraft look like?

All real offers from Biokraft are made through personal contact in the form of interviews with recruiters and, in the next step, responsible manager at Biokraft. Except for a few exceptions, there is also a public advertisement for our vacancies. In the event of an offer of employment, this is always done in communication with the responsible recruiter or manager. Employment contracts are always sent directly from Biokraft's HR function with digital signing in several steps. 

How do I know if a job offer is recruitment fraud?

Watch out for the following, for example:

  • If the language of the notice or alleged agreement is poorly worded and/or contains spelling mistakes.
  • Whether requesting money or check cashing is part of the hiring process. It never occurs in a legitimate recruitment process at Biokraft.
  • The fraudsters can handle the entire process via email where recipients are asked to fill out fake recruitment documents such as application forms, terms of employment, or the like. A Biokraft logo may be fraudulently included on the documents.
  • Emails and documents may appear to be sent from an official or manager of the company. If the email address doesn't end with "", it's very likely a fake address.
  • The scammers insist on the urgency of the matter.

What should I do if I receive a false offer of employment?

  • Handle the message with care and do not respond.
  • Please do not provide your personal information, account information, or other sensitive information.
  • Add the sender address to your spam filter to prevent future messages from the same sender.
  • Do not forward fraudulent messages or emails.