Business area Sweden

Business area Sweden has three production units in the Stockholm area: Södertörn, Henriksdal and Bromma. The total production capacity is approximately 300 GWh. In 2022, sold biogas amounted to the equivalent of 162 GWh. Biogas mainly supplies buses and heavy trucks on the Swedish market with compressed biogas.

The business primarily focuses on the efficient operation of existing facilities, which includes reception and pretreatment of organic waste, digestion of biomass, purification and upgrading of biogas, and compression and delivery of gas. In addition, maintenance and service of the facilities are added
Business area Sweden.

Short facts

Number of employees: 41

Production capacity: 230 GWh

Compressed biogas

Södertörn: Food waste, agricultural waste, manure 
Bromma and Henriksdal: wastewater sludge